What I Learned This Week 23/05/16

This week I learned that getting a passport same day is very complicated. Have proof of travel and make sure your company card is not expired. Other than that you should be fine as long as you are cis. The US has a lot of work to do in its agencies procedures and documentation. I won't go into details because this is not my story. I do want  cis people to remember that the work for trans rights and equity has only just begun. Reform is not enough. Creating new laws is not enough to make the system work for marginalized people.

I also learned that creating a document that expresses the points of unity of an organization can take along time and that grammar and etymology helps. It helps to have everything defined explicitly. It is also a learning opportunity for everyone involved. Did you know there was a difference between colonialism and neocolonialism, or imperialism and colonialism? I'll have to write another blog post to explore that so keep an eye open.

I learned that fundraising is hard work but you get what you put into it. It is also not just working hard but working smart. Use every medium possible to bring attention to your fundraiser but do not be afraid to talk to people. The more you talk about it the better you understand your mission and and can explain it to others. Do not forget to keep on top of updating your audience. Keep everyone involved, you are not doing this alone. Ask friends to share links, what people can not donate in funds they can give with exposure.

I have learned that the more I write the more I can write. Writing is a matter of practice, self critique and accepting critique. Read, reread and if you are not in a rush ask someone to read it and always read your work out loud. You never know if someone is reading your work out loud to an audience.

A friend of mine advised me to go low tech in my writing when I go on this mission and to have back ups of any digital material. Great advice since I may be far from any urban areas till I get to Iraq and Ghana.

My blog hit 700 views this month. Thank you all for sharing and reading, I hope I am having a positive impact like you all have on me. I was shopping for tickets and have found some for under $1000 round trip to the Philippines. That is only 10% of the current goal. Let us try to meet that goal for the first of June. Remember, If everyone gives a dollar and shares the campaign we can meet the goal in no time.

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