International Coalition Building Mission: Starting From The Beginning

Imperialism, colonialism, and neo colonialism have been very popular words used in the Portland liberal left but few people really understand what these words mean unless they have lived with these afflictions. Some folks will speak of England and India when they speak of colonialism and not even realize that the United Snakes of Amerikkka has its own colonies like Guam, USVI, American Samoa, Mariana Islands, FS of Micronesia and my home Boriken (Puerto Rico). There is a need and a desire that people voting in the US and think they are doing something radical know about US citizens that do not have that right or any power other than the power of the masses. So I will start my mission where I came from.

After much discussion and advice from my comrades in AAPRP and PCHRP, I have been able to make a more solid plan for this project. I have decided to start by making a trip to Boriken and reconnect with old friends, family, new comrades and most importantly my grandmother. In cooperation with KBOO I will be writing on the capitalist colonial crisis on the island. I will be be writing about Afrikan and indigenous identity,racism,militarization of the police,cuts in government spending, the fiscal board, Amerikkkan occupation, gentrification, resistance and organizing. I will be talking with with the proletariat and local organizations. I will be traveling around the island getting people's view on the relationship with the United Snakes and how they see this coming election. I will start working on writing a personal but true story of our struggle.

The plan is to raise funds For the next few weeks through the GoFundMe website and with the help of comrade Amru who is hosting a Zumba in the Park Fundraiser on june 17th. KBOO has taken interest and will get me exposure while giving me a platform to share our story.

I would traveling on July 1st just in time for the Fourth of the Lie and seeing how my people celebrate or not celebrate this Amerikkkan holiday. I would be staying out there until November tenth so i can cover the Puerto Rico elections on the 8th of November 2016.
Between that time I will be moving around the island and the outer islands getting people's stories and views and reaching out to local organizations for interviews and perspective.

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