Hijos De Boriken Come Out For International Workers Day 2016 PORTLAND

The following is a transcript of the speech given by the Children of Boriken on May 1st 2016:
Buenas Tardes,Naimbag a malem, My name is Stevie Elepan. For decades,we the children of Boriken have had to leave our island to find work. In 1898 The Imperialist Amerikkkan capitalist regime seized not just our resources but our people as well . We pay tribute in blood and money but we have no voice, here,in the United Snakes of Amerikkka. This empire is pushing our minimum wage down to 4.25 an hour yet they expect us to pay a 72 billion dollars  debt,a debt that they created in the first place. Many of us can not afford to live on the land we were born on.Our families are broken up. In 2000 we were 4million, we have lost 500,000 since then Who knows how many will ever come back. Our youth are forced to enlist in the army and border patrol and help expand the very empire that exploits us.We lose one doctor a day because not even they can make a living. This Capitalist Empire of slavers and thieves will never give us freedom , never give us equity. We must organize,we must study and we must  fight for it. Gather your cousins, care for our neighbors. Free Afrika, Free Palestine, Free Hawaii and all indigenous people. Down with capitalism. Boriken Libre.  Palante Siempre Palante!Ni patras para coger impulso!

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