Through My Own Eyes Update 22/5/2016

Map of US bases in the RP. There more but its a CNN map so what ever.
After one we week we were able to raise $85 in online funds, plus another $200 from a friend that covered a large expense. Thank you everyone that has contributed and promoted this project.

The plan so far

We still need $2000 to cover the flight cost from The US to the Philippines. I will spending 6-12 months working with and learning from marginalized communities through the nation. Lets aim for June 15th.

In preparation I am learning about the history of the Philippines and its geography. I Am also maintaining up to date on current events in the Philippines. It is better to be going informed so not to make my comrades take up time getting me up to date.

Why the Philippines are so important

There are over 10 million filipinos living abroad as workers with over 6000 leaving every day.
We have heard of this before. Boriken (Puerto Rico) is having a similar crisis. The Philippines, also a former colony of the Spain and the USA, has been used as a staging ground for US imperialist operations. It also has been exploited for its resources. People are also being exploited for cheap labor both in the philippines and abroad in manufacturing, child care, elderly care and the logistics industry.

Any resistance and protest has been met with bullets especially the Lumad of Mindanao. Local police, the military and Investment Defence Forces all have been involved in the rape and brutalization of civilians. All this for profit, profits that the people do not benefit from.

What We Are Doing And How You Can Help

The media is great about writing about the troubles of the Philippines but what do we know of how the people are working together to preserve themselves and the land? How does this affect family life? What impact does the situation in the Philippines have on the youth? What can outsiders do to help marginalized people in the Philippines? How does their struggle connect with other peoples struggle. These are questions we hope to answer with this project.

By bringing attention to these issues and working with the Philippine people we can create the foundation of an international coalition. We can also focus on updating folks abroad on events that affect the people and call for resources from international comrades.

If you you want to help with this project please donate or share the link below.


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