Marilyn Buck 
I would like to share my love of the Marilyn Buck Abolitionist Collective (MBAC).  This organization of white accomplices model named themselves after the activist and former political prisoner Marilyn Buck. They work to dismantle and fight white supremacy and bring an end to modern slavery. MBAC was established in order to have European-AmeriKKKan folk do the work of educating other Europeans. MBAC is a multiracial organization that works for its European members to hold themselves accountable for their white privilege.  MBAC is not a bunch of Europeans just deciding what's right for people of color.  MBAC works in close cooperation with the AAPRP.

I built up my confidence working in MBAC. I became comfortable with educating and/or confronting European folks about their internalized racism. MBAC, through study, provided me with the words I needed to express my experiance with white supremacy, colonialism, bigotry and what my comrades call “white fuckery”.  I fell MBCA will  have much potential in waking up white settler europeans and organizing them toward the efforts to bring down capitalism. I left MBAC only because I felt there is only so much I can do and learn by organizing with mostly European folk. I sort of transfered to the All Afrikan People’s Revolutionary Party in order to grow as person in resistance and to take on bigger challenges that I knew I could overcome through hard work and cooperation. Few Europeans will listen to me and the ones that will are already part of the way awoke. Numerous times today I had to witness people deal with cis white normy racist microaggressions. Even I spoke up about it I faced apathy or defensiveness. I get it, you don't deal with it, you don't see it, how do you know it is real. This is my struggle with internalized misogyny and patriarchy. Still, i am learning to listen and consider the facts that i live in a world where people without masculine privilege have to be extra careful and the least amount of assertiveness can make them a target. Europeans ought to wonder why they are so safe and everyone else is not. Investigate, why you do not see what we are telling you we are experiencing, because you can not deny the body count. You can not just ignore a corpse.

This is not a cookie for my European comrades in MBAC. This is more for all you Europeans not doing work to dismantle white supremacy. This those of you that are too busy to stand up to racist, to scared to confront your family and friends. It can be done, it must be done, MBAC should not be the exception. Down with Capitalism! Long Live International Solidarity!
Europeans that want to learn more about MBAC check out their event at PSU this Thursday.
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