Tips and Tricks for Forest Grove High School Students Rally

Hi folks. The students will be having a manifestation this weekend. Many of you may want to come and be ready to fight white supremacy. Please try to do the following while you are there helping:

  1. This is not centered on, it is centered on the students and their struggle.
  2. Do not agitate, this is not centered on you. You may have a big heart and a short fuse and a grand desire to fight cops. Do not. The pigs are better equipped and trained and you endanger the students without their consent.
  3. Do not put students in danger. Allow them to chose their means of resistance. They will dictate we shall support.
  4. Be disciplined and compassionate.
  5. No transphobia, homophobia, ableism, racism, zionism ,classism and other shit.
  6. Be in an organization or start one.
  7. Be organized.
  8. Be accountable.
  9. Do not endanger students.
  10. Do Not panic or cause panic.
  11. Be honest but calm.

Be safe and be early,bring water and friends.

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