5 Years, Still Not Dead

April 2011
Today is the five year anniversary of my arrival in Portland. I woke up early the day I left and had breakfast with a Norwegian dance student and a ninja. They drove me neighbor to the airport and stayed with me till my turn at TSA came up. My friend that bought the ticket had given me the title of professor. The TSA agent asked me what I taught and I blurted “Art History”.

My neighbor in the seat next to me was a green beret on his way back to the mainland. He had my same name but in french. We ended up getting delayed in Atlanta because of rain. He and I explored the Atlanta airport for some kind of food. We instead found sleep after a long game of monopoly on a tablet. The airline ticket clerk had told us it would be eleven hours before we could get another flight. We woke up after four hours and found a new clerk with more optimistic news. We had 15mins to say our goodbyes and go our separate ways.

Showing of in the woods
As I traveled west I was stunned by the endless patchwork of farms for hours.

When I landed in Denver I met another variant of Stephanos. He too was on his way to Portland. I never heard from him again, he did tell me about the natural wonders of Oregon.

The last stretch to Portland i spent drawing and trying not to think too hard about the choice that was already made. Anything could happen, I could easily die here just as i could have back home in Boriken.

It was raining when I landed. It was 1126 AM when I stepped into the garage with my friend. We slept in a fancy basement and ate popsicles. We had lunch at would become my job for five years. We went to the Goodfoot and someone wanted to take my picture.

It would a long five years but I safe and fed. I got stronger physically and spiritually. I have biked myself into unfamiliar bear country. I Have driven up into the Rockies. I have taught English to internationals. Today I prepare to leave for Oakland to celebrate Afrikan Liberation Day with comrades. It will be my first time in California. I hope I get to see some redwoods. No matter what, I will be seeing unfamiliar geography.
AAPRP rocking May Day 2016

What the next five years will bring will be revolutionary.


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