Remember The Fallen

442nd Regiment 
On this Memorial Day of 2016 let us remember all those that stood up against Imperialism. Let us remember the people of Vietnam that fell at the hands of French and Amerikan guns and at misguided socialist brothers and sisters. Let us remember Filipinos that fought the Spanish and Amerikkkans back to back for their islands. Let us remember the Afghans that perished resisting Europeans, Russians and Amerikkkans. Let us remember the Filibertos and Campos of Boriken. Let us remember the Tainos and their Indigenous cousins whose children still are in resistance. Let us remember all the kidnapped Afrikans that died under slavery and built the economies of the Amerikkka's. Let us not forget the Afrikans on the continent that are crushed and killed for the profits of corporations. Let us think of all that were forced into camps or shot in the street for resisting Fascist Imperialist in Europe. Let us remember the Hawaiians and all people of the pacific that fell to preserve the autonomy of their children. Let us remember women from all over the world, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, and best of comrades that have been raped and killed while escaping, hiding or fighting Imperialist forces. Let us remember all the youth that were drafted or forced to enlist for economic reasons and told lies and empty promises. Let us remember the youth that are given worthless medals in exchange for the arms , legs and general well being they had taken from them during years of service. Let us not celebrate imperialist wars, let us reflect on what they have taken from all people and how we will organize to stop it.

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