Through Our Own Eyes: What this project is all about.

When colonialism is spoken about in the USA it is often as a foreign practice of old empires.Through Our Own Eyes is a multimedia project illuminating the truth behind colonialism in Boriken. Boriken,known by its colonized name ,Puerto Rico, is a free associated state ( or colony), of the United States of America. Few residents of the American Empire know or understand the 118 year old relationship between the two nations. For instance, Boriken provides a steady supply of recruits for the US military, tax shelters for US businesses and cheap labor for pharmaceutical companies. Borikuas also pay medicare tax yet receive less benefits than residents of the US. Let us not forget that although Borikuas are subject to selective service and past drafts since WW1 they do not have the right to participate in presidential elections.

European-American settler folk are trying to understand their place in the world. This project's objective is to educate them and to create solidarity between Borikuas and other people suffering under colonialism. Follow us on Blogspot, Facebook, Youtube and KBOO 90.7 FM.  If you feel moved by this project and want to support it further please feel free to donate $here$. Do not forget to email stevie.elepan@gmail.com. All contributors will receive a postcard from Boriken.

Palante, Siempre Palante!

Stevie Elepan

Stevie Elepan

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