Through Our Own Eyes: Update 20/6/16

Hello Comrades,

We are 7 days away from starting the Puerto Rico phase of our project. Already we have organized interviews and coordinating with other comrades both in Oregon and Boriken (Puerto Rico).

This phase will be multimedia educational series on colonialism in Boriken. With help from our friends at KBOO we have a platform for weekly radio segments, training, access to some minor equipment, and the assistance of KBOO volunteers in developing this series. There will be a video element that connects the colonial past to the colonial present and the blog I Will Not Obey on blogspot will also be incorporated.

We have decided to name the series THROUGH OUR OWN EYES. Colonialism is often presented through a eurocentric or imperialist gaze. it is time there is more work presented by the people that live under colonialism.

At this point we have raised $896, out of the $10800 we are asking for, in one month. KBOO has given us airtime to promote this project. A Zumba fundraiser, hosted by a comrade, was successful in raising funds. Other folks have volunteered their time, skills and equipment to help this project go forward. Even Jubilee Oregon has offered to contribute.

We still have a long way to go of course. The project will run from the 27th of June to the 10th of November. Funding will go to any travel expenses that the team may need, daily meals, and unforeseen expenses and compensating host.

Of course, you do not have to throw a fundraiser or be a big organization to help. Sharing our fundraiser, blog, KBOO page to help support us. If you do feel intrigued or inspired by this project please feel free to donate $10, $20 or even $100 to our crowdfunding page. Make sure we get your mailing address too so that we can send you a postcard with our gratitude from Boriken.

Stevie Elepan
Team Leader
Through Our Own Eyes

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