Thoughts on the Pulse Massacre

Many of us will be absorbed in the events of last night.  When I heard about it I was worried that my family was at that club. Many of us will post and repost and share other peoples post. We will call for peace and damn the politicians. Some may want to bring up gun laws and islam and all the usual suspects.

Gun laws will not protect us our kin from patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia and racism. If only law enforcement has guns only our oppressors will have guns. Guns were just a tool, a determined and creative individual would have found another way.

This is not the biggest mass killing in the Unites Snakes, it was the 300+ killed at wounded knee.

Some folks in the media praise the militarization of law enforcement because some kevlar saved a cop.

The politicians have no real power, they are puppets. We must seize power, we must abandon them and build our world. Reform and new laws will do nothing to protect marginalized people. The system is not broken, it works just fine in subduing us. We are the power, our numbers are power. Let us not just mobilize but also organize. The system allowed this to happen, the system will allow this to happen.

There are also Muslim queer folk as well as Christine Queer folk. I am not a fan of religion but religion isn't the problem. This capitalist hegemonic oligarchy is the problem.

I wish justice for the dead and those they left behind, I desire healing and love for all involved. I am grateful I did not lose family. May this agitate us to the point of organizing against patriarchy and homophobia.


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