Dear Comrades

Dear Comrades,

Summer has begun but the violence has already started. As this season gets hotter so to will the political and social climate. We may see Trump tone down a bit but we will see more violence. We are all angry, both ultra right and far left. Please be aware of yourselves and others as you navigate the following months. Reach out to your comrades and make sure you all know what to do in a worst case scenario, try to have a plan.

Make sure you hydrate.

Try not to not wander off alone without telling someone where you are going.

Get plenty of rest.

Stay hydrated.

Those of you that have been following my blog and project, I thank you. I only do this because I know you are all reading these post. Some of you have even benefited from them. We are growing as we struggle side by side.

Five years and some change, I left everything I knew and took a one way trip to Oregon. I learned a lot about myself and changed much of that. I came here a stranger and now I leave a comrade. I leave you at a dangerous time. Know that I am not jumping ship. This planet is all we got and we are all fighting to keep it going while also seizing control. I hope my efforts will be a step forward in uniting us all.

You have all taught me and I hope to apply all I have learned. Soon I leave to join my kin but carry you all in my heart. I hope to return in the fall. Then we will all be reunited and we shall share stories and ideas.

I love you all.

Stevie Elepan

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