White Imperialist Devils Discuss Capitalist Utopia for Puerto Rico

On Tuesday, the 3rd of August 2016, representatives of the private sector convened for the PROMESA Forum at Condado Plaza Hilton in Condado, Puerto Rico. The event was organized by the Private Sector Coalition or Coalicion Del Sector Privado in Spanish. The three-hour forum was set to discuss impact that PROMESA would have on the economic development of Puerto Rico.

The Forum opened at 2pm with special guest Jerry Weller, former republican house of representatives member now lobbyist with New World Group Public Affairs, and Bill Cooper, Senior Advisor Public Policy Natural Resources Committee for the US House of Representatives and former president of Center for Liquefied Natural Gas.

Outside the event, anti-PROMESA protesters picketed the event. The protesters could be heard from inside the ballroom and they had made it as far as the ballroom doors. Staffers silently supported the protestors and even security remained lax and aloof of the invasion.

The event received limited press coverage and had a registration fee of $200 for guest to attend. Some members of the private sector, when asked felt that they represented both owners and the working people.

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