Well, folks,we are a few weeks in and I am embedded with protestors at the Campamento Contra La Junta. It sure is getting tense and a little scary but these folks are solid. Communication is great and getting better. The protestors are getting more and more organized and doing more to reach to the rest of the masses. There are still ideological and logistical obstacles ahead but no one seems to be in the mood for quitting. 

Any group of people that take on something as big as the Amerikkkan Empire have to be some the most optimistic humans around.

Thanks to your contributions I have been able to keep yall up to date on what's happening on the ground here. Just yesterday we received over 1000 views in four hours. 

So far we have collected 35% of our current goal. We can not stop yet. Today is the 3rd of Agust and the TOOE Team is not leaving until November 10th. Help us raise enough funds to keep operating in Boriken and bringing you stories from the island that mainstream media is cheating you. 

Share the link to our fundraiser or donate directly. If you donate before November 1st we will send you a postcard from Boriken with our gratitude. The funds go into transportation, food and batteries for equipment. We are also sharing our resources with our host and with people in peaceful resistance against colonialism and capitalism.

Donate now and get a postcard with our gratitude from Boriken! When was the last time you got a postcard? Totally worth it. 

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