9 Ways How NOT to Be a Radical Org and Not Shitty to Your Childcare Givers ( The រិនណា រ៉េម Method)

Here is a list of 9 ways you can NOT be a radical organization and not be an asshole to childcare workers based on the writings of រិនណា រ៉េម, a radical comedian and childcare giver.

  1. •Asking me to work with less than 24 hours notice.
  2. •Extending or changing the schedule of your org’s event/meeting without asking the child care providers if it works with their schedule.
  3. •Asking me to help you find child care providers when I’m unavailable.‪#‎unpaidlabor‬
  4. •Not providing a SAFE child care space. (Once at an org’s retreat at Menucha, the org’s point person initially placed the child care center in a basement with SO MANY hazards. They found us another spot when I was like “um… I don’t want one of the babies crawling under the furnace.”)
  5. •Not respecting pronouns.
  6. •Not providing any materials like books and toys for child care.
  7. •Hiring too few child care providers for larger groups or when there are babies who need more one-on-one care. 
  8. •Not paying in a timely manner.
  9. •Not providing breaks.
Pro-tip: Be good to the people who take care of you

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