Through Our Own Eyes Episode 2: Civil Disobedience at Federal Court House in Puerto Rico

Translation: The Government Hates You
On Wednesday 29th of June 2016, activist began to occupy the entrance to the United States District Court of Puerto Rico in response to the passing of PROMESA. PROMESA will establish an oversight board that would have power to control policy and the entire local government. 

The seven members of the board, only one of which has to be a resident but not necessarily a Boricua, would not be paid but could accept gifts during their time on the board.

How long the board will be in place is indefinite. The commitment of the Campamento Contra la Junta, a movement against the fiscal oversight board, intend to resist is equally unlimited.

This week we spoke with Victor Torres, a communications committee member for the camp, about their efforts to mobilize the masses against the implementation of PROMESA , and to demand the decolonization of Boriken.

Victor also told us how federal officers have used fumes from generators and bright work lights to smoke out activist from the encampment.  

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