SADTHONG COLONEL: APRIL FOOLS TRIGGER WARNING SPECIAL( Seriously, all these images are disturbing.)

The British, led by Winston Churchill, stole resources from India, while there was a famine. The brits fed already well-supplied soldiers and claimed the Bangladeshi people were nazis.
Just in time for this great holiday of April fools, my favorite of the frivolous holidays. It is a day that is taken so seriously by humanity that no one can seriously organize enough for capitalist to make money off of it. Sure they sell pranks novelties and post crank ads, but who feels compelled to go out and get that April fools turkey last minute then yell at the deli clerk for ruining the 32nd of March? Only suckers that fell for an elaborate prank. In celebration of this holiday and I would like to share some images I asked my white accomplice and artist, Jean-Marie Ricci. He lived in the US of Amerikkka for 14 years, having immigrated from France. Here he had a small taste of what people of color from other countries deal with every day. He has returned to France where he has spent much time reflecting about his experience and post some whimsical memes, that poke fun of Portland culture. Recently, as a gift to me and Portland he produced some images that shed some truth on what Sadthong Colonel is selling. I think of it as a graphic illustration for European-Amerikkkans to understand what they are glorifying.

This chap is reading the specials.

I am sure that Sally will one day build up so that Sadthong Colonel has this level of service.

This is all the places Sadthong Colonel aspires to expand to.

I hate Portland sometimes.

Hey people of color, and fellow survivors of colonialism and neo-colonialism. If any of this is problematic I will remove all this. If there is anything that can stay up let me know, but your thoughts are important.

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