Build The Revolution With Care Today

.Our revolutionary activities should be more than breaking and fighting capitalism and imperialism. We must also create and build the system that will replace it. Just as workers would dig through mountains, ford rivers, and bridge ravines there must be the builders laying down the tracks and infrastructure to carry us forward. There are many deeds that need to be done and many idle ones that need task that suits them.

How can we have a revolution if we do not care for our fellow workers and poor? Everyone is has something they can contribute but we must look after each other's needs so that we can all do the work. Our fellow workers that are hesitant to to join the struggle need to know that they will not be abandoned. We need to secure a roof and a meal for everyone. We must organize and plan and prepare to help our comrades when they are ill or incarcerated. We the working poor do not have much but we can always make it work in this state of emergency.

When our comrades are homeless, a problem that is becoming more and more common with gentrification and foreclosures, we should be working not just on helping them get accommodated but have a plan to prevent the problem. Working with the tent cities and defending them from sweeps by any legal means, or boycotting landlords and property management companies. These are just ideas, if you think about housing and that is the kind of work you want to do then go for it. Join an organization or start your own. Reach to people. Your comrades are everywhere.

There are times our comrades do not have food. Even if you can not go to them. If you have the resources and it will not leave you hungry then order them a pizza. There are more and more delivery services, throw some work some one's way and feed a comrade. Is it a solution? Certainly not, that too will require organizing but it can be a start. Not acting can end up being your worst mistake.

Often those we know need medical help. Few of us our doctors but maybe we know of a free or cheap clinic, maybe we can make soup or help with chores. There are little things we can do for the physical and psychological care of our beloved comrades. As long as we act with their consent we can have a positive impact.

When our organizations get big, it may be time to redistribute responsibility and have the group split up. Capitalism does not accommodate organizing so we must be able to accommodate for those that wish to do the work but have a conflicting schedule. This division will actually make a stronger force and help those workers that have long commutes or children to care for. Also maybe consider letting children be present for organizing. The children watch us and emulate us, would we not want them to emulate the work we do? Are we not fighting for their future?

This struggle is stressful and tiresome. We have moments that we want to cry, but fear it will make us look weak. I can tell you right now from first hand experience that someone staring you down but also crying is unsettling. It sure saved my life a few times. Go ahead and cry. That whole notion of tear equating weakness is patriarchal garbage. Cry all you need to, it is good for the eyes. Now, if you need time and need to take space to vent and there is a way to do it then do it. Do whatever you have to do to be able to get back in the fight effectively but do not worry about looking weak. When we organize we ought to plan on care for ourselves as well as each other. Sometimes that means taking a step back. Find another task or get some rest but know when to make a tactical advance to the rear. If we are all caring for each other now then there may be enough people to fill in the gaps. The other advantage of disengaging is the opportunity to take a look at the situation unattached and under less stress. One can be critical and find ways we can collectively adjust our tactics and strategies.

Part of contributing to the cause is knowing to ask for help yourself. Closed mouths do not get fed and not addressing your needs can be expensive down the road. If you need food or water ask for it. No one should have too little. How can we be revoluting against capitalism if we do not cooperate to provide for the needs of ourselves and our comrades?

Being able to take greater risk requires confidence that there will be some care available should one be in a predicament in service to comrades. There will be moments where a small few will have to take great risk to accomplish the goals of the revolution or to protect comrades. Those few will still require support from everyone else. When are comrades, for instance get arrested, they will need help in jail and if or when they are released. In jail a comrade may need moral support and material support for their family. When leaving the custody of capitalist imperialist authorities they may need to be examined by a medic or a doctor. They may need help readjusting and healing after being confinement. We have the working poor in prisons now that need support. They too struggle, they are also our cousins.

We can strike at the face of our enemy all we want or we can kill it at its roots. Take away its prophet and our need for capitalism. We can still have commerce but we can still have things needed to live. One of the greatest lies of capitalism is that few of us are capable to care and create for society. We are worth more than test scores and the prophets we generate. It is about time we started treating ourselves and each other that way. Even folks that are too scared to yet join us, we must be examples for them and share the power with them. Many are just confused and scared like many of us once were. Let us snuff out elitist attitudes and dare to care. Sin amor no hay revoluciĆ³n. Do not give up the fight and do not give up on your cousins. Palante, Siempre Palante!

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