Do white people need authority the same way some folks need a strict god to keep them from hurting themselves and others? I ask specifically about white people because of my own personal observation and not by any kind of statistic or study. It may be the organizing spaces I have moved in, both in Boriken and Portland, that just so happen to have a “white” person who proposes a strict chain of command system where no one can disagree with the leadership.
Is Authoritarian Socialism appealing to white people because white people feel a NEED for authority? Are Communism and Socialism western ideas with “white” people in mind and are they solutions for “white” people? Specifically are these systems for European/white intelligentsia? Although there have been leaders like Mao Zedong and Kwame Nkruma, were their movements necessary for people to organize themselves and provide community care? Do rural or poor people need government or do they need the safety to rule themselves? Is Authoritarianism for people that cannot self-govern but have more access to power and resources?

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