Time To Pass The Hat

Hey folks,

It has been two months and some change since I left Portland, Oregon for Puerto Rico. In August we had 13,527 views from all over the world. People from Palestine to Ireland, from India to Panama, from the Philippines to Portland people from all over the world are starting to watch what is happening in Puerto Rico. We have been able to do what the capitalist media refuses to do. We are showing people getting organized and resisting.

We have also been able to use our gear to help create the all woman’s podcast show Toti Moti, should be ready to air in the coming weeks. We were also able to develop a presentation called Killer Sister: Woman Using Violence Against Patriarchy. It was created, developed and edited right in the Campamento Contra La Junta (CCLJ).

All this is possible because of your time and money invested in reading and sharing our articles. All this is possible because of the people of Puerto Rico that have welcomed my work and hosted me. They have allowed me to observe, document and report their labor. 

We have been able to influence and attract support and action from organizations such as Portland Chapter for Human Rights in The Philippines (PCHRP) and In Other Words Feminist Bookstore is collecting 
P-Styles for folks in the CCLJ. 

We have raised more than 50% of our goal. With these funds we have been able to buy better gear, paper for activist to print their educational material, food for our host and transportation to and from actions and money for helping out host with mundane problems that would hinder them from participating. 

21,565 of you have viewed our articles. If every view came with $5 we would be able to stay in Puerto Rico a little longer and be able to cover more stories not just in Puerto Rico but in other places where people are resisting capitalism, white supremacy and the patriarchy. If you have enjoyed this project and would like to see more please donate HERE at our crowdfunding page.

Palante, Siempre Palante!
Stevie Elepan

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