On my way to the hot springs in Oregon with my friend and local organizer Alyssa Pagan, we discovered the solution to all our troubles. Deep in what would be the white homeland we found a place free of racism. Alyssa and I have never felt safer. We had made a wrong turn when we stumbled upon this racist free zone and just could not believe it. We almost skipped going to the hot springs in fear that we would never be able to return to this shangri la of equity. Sadly, it was really cold and wet and we really wanted to go to the hot springs.
It is good that we moved on because liberated zones are not enough to free all humans. Not everyone can reach liberated zones. No, we could enjoy that space but we needed it to be an inspiration not a destination. We moved on and enjoyed the day with our friends knowing that one day our struggle will lead to all of earth to be a racisim free zone.

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